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19th April 2015
Website Construction
After some 8 years of not building website's I have decided to once again get involved. I am offering my services to anyone that is looking for a website whether it is personal or for business.

Sunday, Apr. 19, 2015
Competitive Prices
My prices are very competitive and you will be surprised at just how inexpensive having your own website can be.

Rodney Angell Web Construction

Have you thought about having your own website but do not know where to start?

Allow me to assist you and show you just how inexpensive it can be and what you can do by having your own website.
I am also looking for competent Graphic Artists to assist me with images and logo's. If you feel you fit this description please give me a call as I would love to speak with you.

Free Website Templates

Website Templates

Why Use Free Templates?

Free templates are a very inexpensive way to create a website and they are very simple to edit to the point of making the finished product "your own".

Commercial Templates

If you require a commercially designed template then that can be arranged for a cost depending on who designs it and how much detail is required.